Abby’s Ark Storefront Sign

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abbys ark dimensional storefront sign In 1995, Abby’s Ark was one of Fort Collins’ landmark gift stores located in the city’s Old Town district. As its name suggests, the store offered very unique gifts from a global selection of educational, captivating and entertaining items. In fact, many of their unique gifts simply weren’t available at the large “box” department stores that were springing up in and around the growing front range city.

And that uniqueness demanded a one-of-a-kind Paxton sign. When finished, the Abby’s Ark storefront sign would feature metallic and variegated copper finishes, hand-carved, gold-leafed letters, all set against a deep blue background. The sign would be as unique as the wonders inside this charming store.

Enter: Nature’s Own Science and Nature Store

Eventually, in the early 2000s, Abby’s Ark was absorbed by Nature’s Own, Science and Nature Store. However, the Ark’s legacy lives on as one of Fort Collins’ first and finest curiosity and educational gift stores.

Abby’s Ark was located in Old Town Fort Collins. Nature’s Own moved the combined stores to another Old Town location at the corner of Walnut and Linden streets. The sign had a lovely presence on the brick-red entrance wall.

How we made the Abby’s Ark storefront sign

We designed the Abby’s Ark sign in the shape of an “arc”: simple, appealing and highly visible. Next, we cut the curved background from high-density urethane, then hand-carved the end art elements. Those end pieces were then adorned in variegated copper leaf. We gilded the hand-carved letters, “Abby’s Ark,” in gold leaf. Overall, the metallic finishes highlighted the sign’s dark blue background.

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