North Park Visitor Center Sign

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throwback thursday north park visitor's center signThe North Park Visitor’s Center sign dates back to the late 1980s. Located near Walden, Colorado, the sign is one of our first creations. It features the hallmarks of our business objectives: Effective art and sign design, fine craftsmanship and dependable customer service. Today, we continue to offer these same objectives, now enhanced with the efficiency and immediacy of computers and the Internet.

Back in the day…

As mentioned, we created the sign in the late 1980s, before the Internet became an everyday communications tool. It took many phone conversations and consultations to make the sign happen. Back then, we used hand-drawn layouts to illustrate and present our sign designs. Additionally, we had numerous one-on-one consultations until a final design was agreed upon. Today, using computers, we create signs for business owners we’ve never met personally!

How we made the North Park Visitor Center sign

First, we custom-shaped and sandblasted the dimensional sign in high-density urethane. This included the large front text panel. Then, we built it to last decades in the harsh North Park climate by triple-coating it with exterior paint. Finally, we engineered the structure to withstand high-wind loads and extreme temperatures.

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