LuLu Asian Bistro

Aug 30, 2019 | Gold Leaf Hand Carved Hand Painted Signs | 0 comments

Featured Business Lulu Asian Bistro signLuLu Asian Bistro, is unique. You won’t find lengthy item descriptions on their menu. Instead, the Bistro fills its website menu with large, colorful, photos of their incomparable Asian fare. Whether it’s sushi, broccoli or sweet and sour, one look at their on-line menu and you will promptly choose the “order online” feature. Of special interest is their Asian Platter selection. In addition, their All Day Menu, Authentic Chinese Menu, and popular Lunch Menu are always in demand. This is how all restaurants should display their menus!  That is, with large photos of tempting dishes you can almost taste! Visit LuLu Asian Bistro at:

How we Made Lulu Asian Bistro’ Sign

In 2007, Paxton Signs had the pleasure of creating LuLu Asian Bistro’s dimensional storefront sign. We created the simple, tasteful background design by using black, powder-coated, custom-cut aluminum. We hand-carved the “LuLu” letters in high-density urethane, followed by gilding them in gold leaf. Finally, we router-cut the letters, “Asian” and “Bistro,” in red acrylic. Ultimately, the combination of these materials make the LuLu sign durable and weather-resilient. The sign is still in use today – 12 years later – with little fading or change in its overall appearance.

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