Chesterfield, Bottomsley & Potts

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FRIDAY'S FEATURE: CB&Potts best in fort collins sign

Chesterfield, Bottomsley & Potts – The Best In Fort Collins.

This historic restaurant started in 1971. Later, it added its own brewery. The restaurant was initially named after a turn-of-the-century British law firm, Chesterfield, Bottomsley & Potts. Eventually, during a restaurant contest in the late 1990s, the name became C.B.&Potts. Initially, the first restaurant opened as a “RAM Deluxe Tavern” in Lakewood, Washington. It is still headquartered there. RAM Deluxe operates over 30 restaurants in seven states, including the C.B.& Potts in Fort Collins. Fort Collins voted it the Best In Fort Collins during the early 1990s. Following that, in 1995, the restaurant began brewing beer. C.B.&Potts contributed to the successful evolution of the craft beer industry. Notably, their efforts garnered over 100 medals from prestigious institutions such as the NABA and GABF. Although no longer serving Fort Collins, you can visit their website at:

How We Made The CB&Potts “Best In Fort Collins” Sign

Paxton Signs was delighted to design and produce the C.B. & Potts, “Best In Fort Collins” sign. It hung above the establishment’s entryway for many years. We sandblasted the redwood panel, then added the columbine blossoms which were carved into glass and then hand painted. The sign features 22k gold leaf letters with variegated gold leaf centers. We chose the teal color to pick up the booth colors throughout the restaurant. The sign borders are clear-coated with polyurethane.

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