Twin Moose Yogurt Company Sign

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twin moose yogurt company sign Twin Moose Yogurt Company – Breckenridge, Colorado

At Paxton Signs, we think of our sign work as “communication art.” In contrast to harsh, overpowering, highway billboards, neon signs, or other aggressive outdoor marketing tools, we think artful design is a better option. Undoubtedly, the billboards, etc., have their places in the advertising world. However, they often are prohibited in vacation areas such as Colorado ski resorts and towns. And, as it turns out, the outdoor marketing in such areas tends to be artistic. One can walk through these business districts and enjoy an adventure in “communication art.”

Mountain communities have strict sign codes

Sign codes that regulate outdoor advertising are strictly controlled by Colorado towns and counties. Usually, this means that storefront signs must reflect tasteful, subdued appearances. They should correspond with surrounding scenic environments. As a result, Twin Moose Yogurt Company in Breckenridge, Colorado, had size and space requirements that limited their sign investment. In one respect, this was actually good for them because it minimized their per-square-foot cost. The sign restrictions also assured them that other signs in the immediate area wouldn’t overwhelm theirs. However, this created another issue: Conformity. To avoid visual repetition, We suggested using gold leaf on the store’s hand-carved letters. The way that gold leaf catches light guarantees that their sign, literally, reflects their name to passers-by. This is an advantage in the competitive tourist market. Of course, the moose motif adds to the store’s cachet.

How we made the Twin Moose Yogurt Company Sign

The Twin Moose owners provided the basic design. After a few design suggestions and revisions, the sign went to production. As mentioned above, we suggested gold leaf and color applications. Next, we sandblasted the sign’s background in HDU (high-density urethane) for added dimension. Hand-carved HDU moose and tree elements were next. Finally, we painted these elements in rich, realistic, natural colors.

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